Nzinga offers a number of motivational workshops and inspirational lectures that combine performance, personal experience, and research, to deliver dynamic messages that invigorate group and personal agendas by inspiring individuals and groups to be their most creative and productive selves.

All units are tailored to clients specific needs.


These events are beneficial in educational, community, or corporate settings.

Group and Individual coaching offered.

Short and long range programing offered.


"I was at the Black Futurists Speak show and as I'd said that night, I truly felt the positive, transformative power of your words. My friends and I were captured by your performance style. Very well done." -Nicole Avant, Audience member, Oakland CA

"Thanks  for your presentation to our students. They were very attentive during you talk and you shared some very important life lessons which I am sure they will take to heart." -Kwasi Thornell, Next Step Learning Center, Oakland CA

"Our students were very impressed with your presentation; they are still talking about you."  - Flora Payne, Affirm Program, 
                                                                                                                                         Evergreen College,  San Jose CA